Tuesday, February 15, 2022

(New Vehicle Coming Soon) - Tractor


About the Game
►This game is focused on physics based off road truck and bus simulation. The main priority is tire deformation and suspension simulation for heavy vehicles. At this stage the game contains 18 vehicles and 3 maps. ►At the moment there are no missions in the game, just go to a garage, choose the vehicle that you like, drive it around and explore the 3 maps available. ►The approach taken to simulating vehicles was to start with simulating a tire using soft body physics in order to be able to deform similarly to how a real life tire would. ►The tire is attached to a solid rim which is attached to a soild axle which is attached to the suspension (leaf springs) and the suspension is attached to the frame. ►On the frame there are other parts attached, truck cabin, drive shafts, dump box, hydraulic cilinder that lifts the dump box and mud flaps. ►The tires, the suspension, the frame use soft body physics and the rest of the parts rigid body physics. ►All the parts have their own mass, they interact with eachother and this is what determines the vehicle behavior.

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