Monday, August 8, 2016

Unity - Truck With Deforming Tires Test 2 (With Truss Physics )

The truck weighs about 10 tons and the log 15 tons.

I used Truss Physics for the tires:

I also used Truss Physics for the Front Leaf Springs, for the Rear Suspension  Airbags, for the Rear Leaf Springs and for the Frame so it can twist.

I am trying to make a physics based logging truck.

For more info about Unity Engine visit the official website:

My Truck Game Videos


At the moment there is nothing else to do in the game then to drive a truck in the desert.

The truck is a combination of soft bodys and rigid bodys held together by constraints.

For the soft bodys I used Truss Physics which is a soft body simulation.

I used Truss Physics for the tires, for the Front Leaf Springs, for the for the Rear Leaf Springs, and for the Frame so it can twist.