Friday, June 26, 2015

Logging Truck and Trailer 3D Model WIP

This is something that I am working on for some time.

When is going to be ready I am going to try to make a little game with it  in Unreal Engine 4

Monday, June 15, 2015

Unreal Engine 4 - Physics Based Truck and Trailer Attempt

I am trying to make a physics based truck and a trailer using only shapes and constraints in Unreal Engine 4 and this is what I got right now

If anyone has experience with Unreal Engine 4 and wants to help me let me know

For more info about Unreal Engine 4 visit the official website:

My Truck Game Videos


At the moment there is nothing else to do in the game then to drive a truck in the desert.

The truck is a combination of soft bodys and rigid bodys held together by constraints.

For the soft bodys I used Truss Physics which is a soft body simulation.

I used Truss Physics for the tires, for the Front Leaf Springs, for the for the Rear Leaf Springs, and for the Frame so it can twist.